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About Your Business

About your target audience

Who does the organization want to be using their new product or service? The depth of this audience information can differ wildly, from everybody to detailed demographic and behavioral breakdowns.
How do your customers find and learn about your product / service?

What else can you tell us about your customers, {{answer_iZdD}}? *

What do you believe their needs are when choosing your product / service and also for any existing customers? In particular, any known pain-points that you have heard of.
About This Project

Description of the project *

What is the project to do? What are the must-haves and must-nots.
Business goals, objectives, and expected outcomes

What the organization expects to gain from the project. For an online shop this might be to increase conversion rates, but other organizations may have less concrete goals such as improving understanding or feedback ratings.
Key stakeholders

Who is your point of contact? Who must you show your findings to? Who must approve the design process and deliverables?
Technological constraints *

Are there any technologies the project must use? For example, content management systems or merchandising software. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies?
Related activities

Are there any other projects that intersect with this one? For example, we often find that clients run re-branding exercises alongside our design work. Another example is the implementation of new technical solutions, such as changing of a back-end system or a search supplier. It is useful to know at the outset when the results of other projects will be available to incorporate into your project, and to flag this if this causes difficulties.
Competitors *

Who are your main competitors? If so, do they have websites, (include any useful URLs).
{{answer_iZdD}}, is there anything that might set your product / service apart from the competition? (if any) *

Tell us about any unique competitive advantages and how we might measure this.
Brand guidelines

Any requirements to convey existing brand personality, such as tone of voice, logos, use of imagery, and so on.
Expected timings *

When must the project be completed by? Are there any deadlines we should know about?
What is your budget range for this project, {{answer_iZdD}}? *

About You

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